Tuesday, 26 November 2013


I finally caught up with Noblesse, which, truth be told, is quite irritating, because i now have to wait seven whole days for each new chapter. This is why don’t bother with Naruto, not only because i would prefer to wait for the anime, but because i am not interested in it getting so good that i cannot stand to wait another week just to find out what happens next.
Last week Regis and Rael’s plan to assault the Union itself and rescue Seira fell flat, both combatants losing to the elders and getting captured. This week saw the arrival of both Frankenstein and Rai, the pair initially intent on sneaking into the union, Frankenstein’s encounter with Elder nine throwing this strategy out the window. Deeper within the structure Ignes makes preparations to transform Regis into a weapon.
The union votes to place greater restriction on Roctis and 9, Ignes’ careless behavior at the KSA coming back to bite the three elders.
Let me reiterate once more about just how much it sucks reading singular Noblesse chapters each week; Noblesse being what it is always gets good just as you get to the end, which actually only makes chapters such as this frustrating.
Two things struck me with this chapter. Ignes mentioned a lord, an individual she was going to make a weapon for using Regis, which makes me wonder who sits at the top of the Union. I always assumed the Union was just a bunch of elders, 13 or so men and women, each governing the vast empire equally. Yet it seems like there sits a figure at the top of the pyramid, someone that even Ignes answers to.
And that is double interesting. Five chapters back Ignes was just the traitor Roctis’ innocent grand daughter. Then two chapters back we learnt that, even with her careless expedition into the city she faced little to no threat, seeing as she was the oldest and most cruel of the nobles, placing her above even Roctis and his status as 4th elder.
So clearly she wields great power and influence, only within the union to further her purposes (and whatever fury she holds towards Lukedonia); so one has to wonder who could stand so high as to control even her power. Then again Roctis is the highest ranked elder we have seen so far, unless i am mistaken. We know Lukedonia was betrayed by its own nobles, and we have already seen three of these traitors surface in the Union, aiding humanity to achieve great power.
It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to assume that there is more noble blood running the Union than human will; which makes you wonder how the Union squares the situation with its pride, the ego that drives them to rise to the level of nobility through science. There is a very faint possibility that the Union Lord is Lukedonia’s former lord, though only a faint chance, considering what we know of the former lord and his honor.
-There are werewolves in the Union, a fairly surprising development; yes we already met one (elder number 7, i think), yet it seems like they are playing a deeper role in the activities of the Union than previously presumed; i mean that one large fellow spoke of their clan, as in an entire race of wolf like beings no different from Lukedonea’s nobles, and again they bow to this mysterious lord. All this comes down to the very same question.Noblesse-305-08
What do all these supernatural creatures get out of siding with the humans? It makes no sense. As Rai learnt in the battle a few chapters back the rebellion centuries ago occurred because certain nobles lost faith in Lukedonia and its lord; that doesn’t explain why they would suddenly jump ship to the Union. There has to be more going on than meets the eye, some unknown purpose, which only Roctis can reveal now (i think he is the only noble left outside of Ignes in the union).
-It is a mostly done deal with Frankenstein; Elder nine is getting dismantled, especially when you take into consideration what Frankenstein did to elder eight, who wasn’t even organic in build. None the less i am looking forward to it. Someone needs to bring these elders down a notch. Even with all their recent losses their arrogance still shines through, especially Ignes and nine; though this is probably going to take several chapters.
-Actually, no it won’t; we heard Frankenstein at the start. He will not allow Rai to come into any situation that forces him to unleash his powers, not with so little of his life force left. I see Frank going crazy as hell on the island, at least just enough to decimate any and every enemy that might come against his master. Poor Regis hasn’t won a battle in…ages; come to think of it, neither has any of the RK4. I don’t want to call them losers, but they would have been dead hundreds of chapters ago if not for Seira.
RATING:> 5/5, Noblesse joins the ranks of a handful of manga series that have simply failed to disappoint me. What do i have to do to get some Manhwa anime, because i am dying to see how some of these scenes would play out animated.
Predictions: Despite Frankenstein’s worries i think Rai is perfectly safe. Roctis, being a noble, will not lay a hand on him. We saw what happened to those two elders that incurred Rai’s wrath after accosting the kids. Even with their supposed hostilities, they were obviously more apologetic than angry, especially after Rai expressed sorrow rather than anger at the crimes they committed 820 years ago.
Roctis already looks racked with guilt. I do not see him allowing anyone to harm Rai, which should make for an interesting stand off with the union. I personally cannot wait to see Rai do that blood phoenix thing again.
Oh, and why the hell aren’t you reading Noblesse yet? Its awesome.