Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Strange, 203 was another fairly comedic chapter, but one that i somehow managed to enjoy. Rather than immediately skipping to Balbad it seems the author has chosen to chronicle Alibaba’s story at a much slower pace, allowing use a glimpse at his steady progress, mentally and physically, with relation to the events around him.
If there is any purpose this chapter served, it was to further the relationship between Morgiana and Alibaba, what with Alibaba initially displaying depression over Olba and Toto’s relationship-specifically the fact that Olba had acquired a girl friend before him- Olba getting him to come to the realization that Mori might have some feelings for him, Aibaba and Mori finally having a ridiculous heart to heart within which Morgiana thought she was getting Alibaba’s promise to stay with her forever, while Alibaba thought Morgiana had just confessed her feelings to him, and that the two where now an item.
I think Alibaba is shaping up to be my favorite character, because this isn’t the sort of chapter i would enjoy, one that more or less does little to progress the story. Yet it was difficult to read it without smiling, especially at many of Alibaba’s absolutely hilarious reactions and facial expressions. There was that one scene that seemed to say quite a lot about Morgiana, that despite all they had been through she still felt insecure in her position, uncertain that, once they became the truly important people they were meant to be, Aladdin and Alibaba would have place for her by their side.
It was a funny and heart warming chapter. I hope the next chapter finally leaps into the action and gets this arc going, but i still enjoyed this chapter, slow paced, allowing for a more realistic take on the events of Magi; after all no one’s life can actually jump from one explosive event to another.