Monday, 18 November 2013


Magi- Yunan-Sinbad
I almost didn’t bother reviewing this chapter Magi, if not for the second half that somewhat attempted to progress the story, beyond the comedic elements of Alibaba and crew.
Alibaba and Morgiana clear up their misunderstanding, with Alibaba coming across as a considerable embarrassment. Aladdin is visited by Yunan, Aladdin revealing that he had taught Morgiana how to use her household vessels as well as teaching her the Toran language. It is revealed that Sinbad is eavesdropping on their conversation.
Their conversation quickly turns sour, Aladdin realizing that the pair isn’t on the best of terms.
Finally it seems like Magi is taking strides to progress the plot; the first half of this chapter continued with the motif of the last two chapters, focusing on Alibaba’s little adventure, which proves somewhat humorous, with Mori admitting her lacking knowledge in the area of relationships. It seems the purpose of the scene though was to cement the loyalty Alibaba’s household held for him, the trio commending Alibaba for his honesty.
Clearly the entire scene was crafted with comedy in mind, yet it wasn’t completely wasteful, bringing Alibaba forth as a man that wears his heart on his sleeve, earning the respect of his household in the process.
The core of the chapter though lay in the second half, with Yunan’s emergence allowing us to finally see the hostility between the magi and Sinbad manifest. We had mostly speculated from their initial meeting during father’s defeat that Sinbad and Yunan had an unpleasant past. Sinbad was clearly not comfortable with the time Mori had spend with Yunan.
Yet even then they managed to remain fairly civil with each other. This chapter seems to highlight that hostility in a harsher light. We have known for a while that Sinbad had his unpleasant side, specifically the fact that he was partially depraved, his fairly underhanded tactics, be it using Alibaba, trying to acquire Aladdin’s wisdom, using the Koe empire princess’ feelings for him to manipulate her and so on; and i assumed that it was because of how far Sinbad was willing to go to safe guard Sindria that placed him on Yunan’s bad side.
Yet it seems like Yunan isn’t the hero he initially seemed; after all we know that whatever his actions say about him, Sinbad is, at his core, a hero, only doing what he thinks is best for his people; by outright calling him a villain, Sinbad might be trying to tell us that Yunan exceeds the ‘doing bad for a good reason’ mark.
We know from earlier Magi chapters, as well as the Adventures of Sinbad manga, that Yunan is responsible for creating the dungeons. Sinbd is the ultimate dungeon conqueror, leaving the like of even the mighty Kouen in the dust. Clearly any history that might exist between them is linked to the dungeons and what Yunan’s true purpose is in unleashing their power. For all we know Sinbad blames him for all the hell that has been unleashed by the vessels released from these dungeons.
Whatever the case i am quite excited to explore this relationship further. More importantly Alibaba is finally at Balbad, which means we can finally get into this new arc. I want to see Kouen and Sinbad talk.
+RATING:> 3/5, decent chapter, forebodes exciting things to come.
Magi-manga, Yunan