Saturday, 16 November 2013


Jackal- Fairy tail
I didn’t bother reviewing last week’s chapter because i was expecting monumental disappointment, the sort that Fairy tail has become known for delivering repeatedly; this chapter somewhat surprised me, though i still don’t think the series is out of the woods yet, considering the title of the next chapter.
After declaring war the fairies move to secure all the remaining ex council members before Tartaros can get to them, Lucy and Natsu find themselves stuck with a grumpy old man that will not leave, that is until Jackal, the demon that killed the original council attacks and destroys the house. Natsu eats the flames, reducing the impact of the explosion and saving them all.
Natsu and Jackal fight, with Natsu largely dominating the battle, that is until Jackal lets him know that everything that touches him becomes a bomb. Having touched him multiple times, Natsu explodes and seemingly falls unconscious. Jackal turns to the old man and his daughter, interested in something called the white inheritance.
Fairy tail chapter 360-Jackal
I was actually expecting the battle to go the way of tempest, with Natsu destroying Jackal, only for the demon to unleash an attack near his end that turns the tide of battle. IN a way that is what happened here, except the chapter proved to be so much more entertaining than what i saw with Laxus. For one thing the battle itself was awesome to watch, specifically Natsu’s incessant barrage against Jackal.
Whatever the outcome i at the very least found their short encounter to be quite entertaining. More importantly though Jackal turned out to be a much more impressive villain than Tempest, actually shrugging off Natsu’s attacks before putting him down.
And we got a little bit of mystery in FAITH, the so called white inheritance. It’s nice to know that there is more to Tartaros’ motives than basic violence. It is highly likely that FAITH is a power or magic, like Fairy Law or Fairy glitter, something exponentially powerful enough to threaten the fate of their land if Tartaros where ever to obtain.
Though there is the possibility that all this goes back to END, Tartaros’s boss; taking into consideration that we have yet to see him appear, even with the nine gates assembling, it is possible that he is yet to be revived from the book of Zeref and FAITH is the key to unleashing him. It would make sense why the council would be in possession of something so powerful, a key designed to contain the power of the greatest threat they ever faced, one that even the dragons couldn’t suppress.
I still think Achnologia somehow figures into END,  possibly even being END himself or the creation that was made to stop him.
Whatever the case we can all expect Natsu to revive by the time the next chapter rolls around. Natsu is a shonen hero, which means he never goes down no matter how hard you hit him. So i guess it is already time for Nakama power to make its appearance.
+RATING- 3/5, decent chapter, might be better depending on what happens next chapter.
Natsu kicks ass