Saturday, 26 October 2013


Beelzebub, America
The American arc didn’t set off at as hard a pace as i expected. None the less it was chock full of comedy and foreboding of events to come.
IN last week’s chapter, Oga and Furuichi headed to America. This week we learn of the information Hilda had to offer them, that led them to take a trip to the United states.
During her little trip to the underworld, Hilda learnt that Aris, Beelzebub’s mother, was in the Solomon Company, or rather with it, either as a traitor or as a hostage. Either way the news seems to suggest a deeper plot with regards to the war for the underworld throne. We are introduced to the seven deadly sins, the seven most powerful beings in the underworld, kings that once ruled over vast swathes of the underworld before all states were united by Beelzebub the third under one banner.
Mammon (Akaboshi’s demon), Lucifer (Takamiya’s demon), Satan, Leviathan Belphegor, Asmodeus and Beelzebub the third, the current emperor, these are the seven deadly sins, each a power in its own right; and apparently the Solomon company is in possession of six of the seven, this presenting a much dire situation than they had come to believe.
One has to ask how the Solomon company can posses six of the seven sins if at least two (mammon and Lucifer) are in the possession of two high school kids. I am going to presume that there is more to the contract between Mammon, Lucifer and their masters than meets the eye; the little girl and the dude in dippers are probably not their real forms; it would explain why Takamiya was so week-okay powerful but not on the level of someone like Beelzzebub the third- yet wielding a demon on the same power level as the king of hell. And what does that make baby Beel and his brother? Mini deadl sins?
Once more we hear the name Fuji, the current omens of slaughter vowing to combat Fuji while Oga was off doing god knows what in America. Again we are provided no clue as to who Fuji could be, though at this point it is obvious that he most likely leads the Solomon company. Either way i grow increasingly curious with each new Beelzebub chapter about his true identity.
Everything points to Aris being a traitor. From what Hilda said Aris had the power to contain and control the sins, basically making her instrumental to the company’s acquisition of the powerful demons. Chances are everything she did is for the good of Beel and the underworld. None the less it would an interesting twist if she had indeed betrayed the emperor.
It’s intriguing that Oga has no interest in meeting Beel’s mother, only determined to give her a piece of mind with regards to the way she abandoned her baby.
It was funny watching Furuichi struggle to speak English, strangely hilarious even in written form.
RATING: 3/5, decent chapter; Beelzebub has always managed to stay consistent each week, not always blowing me away but none the less providing me an entertaining few minutes.
Highlights: Oga’s name, Furuichi’s English, seven deadly sins.