Sunday, 13 October 2013


I do not know what is happening with anime, or maybe it is the series i choose to watch, but i seriously need to watch something epic that completely blows me away. I didn’t find it this week, just like last week and the weeks before.
---Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince- I wasn’t took keen on continuing to watch this anime after the first three episodes; not only does the basic concept remind me of Gundam (and i do not like Gundam) but there were constant attempts to insert into each scene a tone of really cheesy comedy that even 09041306 now just does not work for me.
The story is rather basic; humanity escapes a decimated earth to space and has to undergo modifications to survive the harsh new environment. The plot follows a group of failing students in a military academy chosen to partake in a special program developing powerful new mechs designed to operate on something called the Juria system, crafted to use the feelings and emotions of its pilots to extract great power.
Initial episodes proved to be very cheesy and the intention of inserting emotion as a quantifiable entity in battle reminded of all those lame anime series that choose to depend on Nakama power to solve every problem. Seven episodes later, the comedic elements are just as lame and forced as ever, yet the story has piqued my interest, with a deeper glimpse into the nature of the alien force, the Wulgaru, that has been the bane of humanity’s existence ever since they took to space.
As the Juria system proves key in bringing the war to the aliens rather than maintaining and losing defensive positions like before, i will admit to getting some entertainment out of Majestic prince, and one or two comments i have come across promise of a deeper story to develop in the future-specifically after episode seven which is where i am right now, so that’s good- which means i will stick around for a little while.
Rating: 4/5, seriously this anime needs to quit trying to be funny.
---Toriko- i have been out of touch with Toriko for a while, ever since episode 25 in fact. Fairly uncertain as to whether i even liked it anymore, i decided to640px-Toriko_and_Komatsu_clothes_rotting_from_the_smell check out the anime, starting with episode 85 and above. Surprisingly enough i was quite entertained, especially with the stink fruit episode-it’s been a while since i laughed that hard at an anime. The story does have some dark elements, especially with all that talk of eating god, the imminent war (between two entities i am not familiar with) and the nature of the battles that usually revolve around food.
Toriko has more going for it than more people give it credit, especially one piece fans, and i would definitely encourage anyone to give this crazy series a try; the fact is Toriko somehow manages to surpass One piece in quirkiness, and that alone should be worth several laughs.
Rating: 3/5
---Shining Hearts- some guy lives on an island with three girls; they spend there days working in a cafe. Someone told me that there is a plot about pirates, either way after one episode i am going to really push myself to watch at least three more before giving in.
Rating: unknown, uninteresting as the plot seems, i haven’t watched enough of it to make my mind up.
Notable mentions:
Devil and Realist: It’s funny that i would give a show like shining hearts a fair try when i have all but decided to drop an anime like devil and realist with a 1 clearly superior story, at least for tastes. The story follows a young atheistic man whose rich family falls on hard times, who then comes to learn of his family’s true history in the supernatural.
Upon awakening as an important supernatural entity that may choose the next ruler of hell, he struggles against the constant solicitations of a demon he meets in the hidden chambers of his now empty mansion. While seemingly intriguing, with different demons hell bent on attaining kingship fighting to receive the young student’s blessing, Devil and realist reminds me way too much of Umineko no naku Koro ni, with the main character refusing to indulge in the supernatural because he chooses to disbelieve in its existence despite the battling demons.
Uminekono was just as illogical, with the main character taking up the challenge of disproving the existence of magic while constantly interacting with it. SO i am not bothering with Devil and realist.
Every week that i go searching for manga, i am always surprised to find that, despite my assumptions that i have seen everything that might be good, there is always some new (sometimes old) series i had no idea existed but which proves to be unexpectedly entertaining.
---Mother Keeper- Here is the thing about Mother keeper, it is infuriating to read, and i am talking about a manga with a surprisingly impressive story. It kind of reads like Elysium; you have a planet devastated by war, a paradise city called Eden is built but can only hold a select few that enjoy luxurious lives while the rest of humanity (the total global population now reduced to a few million people) languishes in misery outside.
Ricalna.Forde.full.703147 While crime festers in the slums, some rise above petty violence, mold rebel groups that fight against the discrimination they see perpetrated by Eden, which hordes all the resources. Mother keepers are the guardians of Eden that fight what they see as terrorists (and in a way that is what the rebels are).
Mother keeper is a great story, mostly because it follows a hero, a rebel, that is forcefully turned into a mother keeper and forced to fight against his own kind for Eden’s sake. The plots are fairly unpredictable as there is no primary goal in play, no great prize to be won. So you never really know what the next chapter will be about. The art is brilliant and the action scenes are amazing.
Yet mother keeper infuriates. I usually do not complain grammar in manga, because when you are reading a comic grammar usually matters little in comparison to the visuals. At first i thought it was the translations, but every site i have visited has the exact same problem in its chapters. Mother keeper makes absolutely no sense, with most of the words seemingly random and jumbled, like someone without a proper understanding of either languages made a direct translation, word for word.
Pick any page of this manga and start reading, you will have to stop for several minutes to wonder if you are actually reading English. There is so much about this story i do not understand because of how badly written it is.
Rating: 1/5, technically it’s a 5/5 but the nearly ten minutes i sometimes i have to waste trying to understand the explanation given in just one chapter infuriate me. It has to be a translation problem, but for all the sites to have the same sort of translation doesn’t make sense to me. As good as it is i hate reading mother keeper. It makes no sense most of the time.
---Noblese- Noblese is kind of like Magi in that i have not yet come across a chapter that has even remotely disappointed me. And even after Arith02giving the manga a break for about a week, it is just as addictive as i remember, the arc with Dr. Aris proving to be even more exciting than the DA-5 saga. Every chapter seems crafted to provide the perfect balance of action and comedy, each arc providing more intriguing revelations about the true nature of the organization and the noblese.
I like the small family unit being created by Rai and Frankenstein’s generosity, the way they keep beating the heck out of and accepting misguided strays into their home. There seems to be a darkened tone to Frankenstein’s past, the way Rai seemed worried that he had returned to his ‘old ways’. I suppose that it time we will come to learn of the reasons Rai chose to abandon his lordship, the true nature of Frankenstein’s sins; though i think it is obvious thus far why Dr.Cromble and Frankenstein display similarities in their power.
Clearly it is Frankenstein’s diary that Cromble discovered, probably taking the initiative the warp his body before passing on the secrets to the organization.
Rating: 5/5: This manhwa can do no wrong in my eyes, each new chapter can only get better and if you are not reading Noblese yet then i do not know what you are up to. None the less i really wish Shinwoo and group had more of a role to play in the story.
---Feng Shen ji- In truth i had forgotten about Feng Shen ji, only stumbling upon it while reading Noblese this week. But maybe th013at was a good thing because, while my thoughts on the series were largely negative the last time round, i thoroughly enjoyed reading it this week; or maybe it is because i left off on a  cliffhanger in the last chapters i read.
Either way the battle between SHi Xing and Tian Kui proved to be quite intense, and i am fascinated by the appearance by the so called dark ones. I am tempted to believe their story and assertions of innocence but something tells me there was to more to the gods’ decision to annihilate them than simple greed. Either way i am excited to get into the next phase of the battle with the appearance of the sage kings.
So far i am willing to admit that his Manhwa has a seemingly epic future, though i might become worn down by its pacing and structure in time as i was before.
Rating: 4/5, a brilliant six chapters that i read this week. I cannot believe Shi Xing bought the drivel the oracle was spouting about how it wasn’t in her hands when she cursed him with the death tattoo.
---Kubera- I just began reading this Manhwa, which like Feng Shen Ji is also colored; so that is already one point for it. Unlike other colored series though it is heavily lacking in the art department. Something just doesn’t do it for me, like it is way too simplistic in many of the panels. But the story is decent enough, taking place in a world of gods, Asura (god like beings i think), haflings (half asura half kubera human) and humans.
Human beings can draw upon the power of the gods to access great power. There was a time when certain humans to call down the gods themselves, tying them to this plane and using their power directly instead of borrowing its essence. But something seems to have happened to make this act impossible, the only human to have achieved it in a generation having slowly faded away from the stress to her body.
Kubera is a special girl. She has the name of a god, the last god as they say. She meets a girl named Asha, a powerful mage who, understanding the significance of her name forces her to hide it as the enter the realm of magic following a tragedy in Kubera’s recent past.
This series, despite the very generic characters, has some interesting plots, specifically the conflict between the gods and the Asura who hate them for whatever atrocities they perpetrated against them, the half human Asuras, weakened and hunted by cruel humans, Asha’s dark goal; i think the only character that fascinates me is the fire god Agni, the only god to have come down to earth in generations.
There is potential in this series; it is just wasting it with some of the plots it is following, specifically Kubera herself. She is one of the more boring primary protagonists i have come across.
Rating: 2/5, i believe this manhwa will get better.
---Anyone that read fairy tail this week can agree that it was basically Hentai in the package of a children’s manga. I have little to comment on this week’s chapter. At least Beelzebub finished with a bang with the unification of Oga and Akaboshi’s interests. I look forward to learning what Hilda kno020ws of the Solomon Company.
Then again next week’s fairy tail looks like it is going to be something good as well, so maybe i shouldn’t complain too much about getting so little content out of this chapter besides naked Lucy, Erza, Wendy, Natsu, Gray, Warlot, for 22 pages. Maybe the revelation that Tartaros has the book of Zeref wasn’t so bad, but it was overshadowed by that last Erza Natsu scene.
Though what Natsu and Gray said about the novelty of seeing the girls naked wearing off was kind of funny.
Overall it seems like i am starting to appreciate Manhwa a little more, with most of my manga reading list consisting of the Manhwa. I wish the anime i was watching was as mind blowing as the manga though, because the Noblese and Feng shen ji i read this week was awesome. And of course mother keeper kept surprising me, even if half the time i had no idea who was saying what. And even Kubera kept me hooked for several chapters before the story slowed down.
Overall good week; so what was your week in anime and manga like?