Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Aah, just as i was starting to get used to having Magi on a weekly basis, it chooses to go on a break; and on a rather tame chapter at that. I guess it is better than a cliffhanger, like the beginnings of the meeting between Sinbad and Kouen. I suspect that will be an entire arc of its own and i am excited to hear more of Alma Toran from Aladdin and the impact his words will have on the two kings.
Little happened in his chapter, wrapping up last week’s comedic storyline, with Alibaba finally revealing that he and Toto actually weren’t an item. It was more funny than anything, with Alibaba revealing that it was the giant ape Margda, not Toto, that he had been describing, upon feeling the pressure from Olba and others that looked up to himto present more than his Djinn equip from his trip to Reim.
It was somewhat interesting watching Morgiana seemingly consider leaving Alibaba’s side, her dialogue with regards to assimilation suggesting that she felt inadequate and wished to prove her worth by gaining greater strength. Marsur, her teacher, reiterated what we had heard before, that assimilation-what i assume is the djinn equip equivalent for vessel holders- while granting great power also created a risk for the user who would lose their bodies and human hearts with the passing of time.
Marsur goes so far as to say that Sinbad forbade him and the rest of his metal vessel house hold from using assimilation, which makes you wonder if he didn’t have experience with the darker side of the technique (we still do not know how Sinbad came to be partially depraved. Maybe we will find out in the Sinbad manga, though that manga is getting boring).
Over all entertaining chapter, nothing mind blowing but worth several laughs. I would give this a 3/5. I assume the next chapter will kick start the new arc.