Monday, 15 July 2013



I love this anime; you could say that i began watching this particular series with rather low expectations. The over the top effects at the start quickly informed me that the anime was trying to deceive me into thinking it was a supernatural/action type story, but really we would soon venture into a comedic plot. And indeed we did, yet the more i waited to lose interest and eventually delete this off of my computer, the more i craved it.

I was literally waiting for the first episode to end so that i can close my player and delete all the nine episodes i had with satisfaction that i had given the series a proper go. I instead found myself moving to the next episode, that curious as to whether i would be amused and intrigued by the anime’s progression. To my shock and disdain, i went through all nine episodes and couldn’t believe that i was craving more. What this anime has done is convince me to give other similar anime that i have been so quick to dismiss a fair try.

But seriously, this anime is all forms of awesomeness.


The world of Ente Isla has been at war for a while. The dark lord Sadao, the overlord of hell has been spreading war to all regions of the world in an attempt to subjugate the will of man.hat2Once the world hat3 stood at the brink of destruction, unable to beat back the dark lord and his four generals, until the church rose, led by its mighty hero of the light, Emilia Justina; destined to bring an end to the dark, she leads a campaign against the dark king and stalls his dark forces, eventually bringing the fight all the way  to Sadao’s door step in the underworld.

There the raging battle saw the dark lord and his generals suffer defeat. Choosing to retreat from harm and return to fight another day, the dark king and his faithful general Alciel open a portal out of the world of Ente Isla and leap through it. The world they travel to is like nothing they have encountered before, present day Tokyo in Japan, a place without magic and which forces the demonic dark king to lose his form in favor of a human body along with his general.

Sadao and Alciel suddenly find themselves in a wholly ordinary world that doesn’t know of the supernatural, recognizes no demons and whose absence of magic not only makes it nearly impossible for the demons to hold onto there magic and their forms, but restricts there ability to return to Ente Isla.hat7

Once mighty rulers hell bent on the destruction of humanity, the two demons suddenly find themselves in the very species they sought to annihilate. And the challenges facing them are the likes of  which they have never faced before, the least of which is understanding the cultural norms of the world, locating shelter and most importantly finding a job to make that most important of devices, money.

This is the story of a demon king that has to work at a fast food restaurant, Mgronald, while learning to live life without magic and tackling the normal issues of the normal man. And while it is his intention to eventually rise through the ranks of the human system and conquer this new world, he must contend with the fact that, as a demon king, his one and only skill is conquest.


This anime title ‘the devil is a part timer’ is an accurate description of what the series is about. You have a devil, of sorts, hell bent on world domination who suddenly finds himself trapped in the hat1 human world, with no magic, no supernatural capabilities and no money. Truthfully this is not the sort of synopsis that would attract me to a series, but then again, i have long since given up on my habits of first researching anime on the internet before determining whether or not to give it a try.

But i will admit, if i had read the synopsis, i would have never taken a chance on this show, which would have been unfortunate because its funny asHataraku-Maou-sama-Episode-7-English-Subbed hell. I do not know what exactly about the lives of demons living normal life would entertain me so, but the fact is they manage to turn even the most mundane activities, such as choosing a human name to blend into the world, into a much bigger occasion, with much funnier ramifications than one would expect.

The secret to this show, at least as far as i can see, lies in its ability to create an interesting dynamic between the characters. This could be the story of a couple of youth trying to make it in the world, except that these youth know little about the world. More importantly they are prone to running into all sorts of supernatural beings, some of which will harbor nefarious thoughts towards our heroes and in many cases it will come down to figuring out who is who; after all whenever one crosses into the human world, they take a human form. Hell, the fact that this series can turn a devil of a being into its primary hero is enough to pique my interest.

I loved the first meeting between Mao, the demon king, and Emilia, the hero, both completely vulnerable in a world they do not understand but none the less continuing their long nurtured feud. it was funny seeing Mao try to leave a normal life while the suspicious Emilia stalked his every move, determining to catch him in the act of committing evil and certain that behind his polite smile and normal hard working life behind the counter of the Mgronald restaurant, is a dark scheme to take over the world.

Not that Mao even denied this fact, that he intended to rule this world, except of course with no magic in hand, he has determined to use his skills as a human being to rise through the ranks and earn the respect and loyalty of those that surround him.

hat5 Admittedly these two, specifically their relationship and interaction are central to the series  and has proven to be a great source of entertainment, but in truthhat6 Mao and Alciel, now Shiro, are a much better combination on screen, with Shiro’s inability to hold down a job, instead taking the role of researcher in trying to locate sources of magic in the human world as well as learning more of its culture, his assignment as a demonic housewife of sorts, cooking and cleaning for his boss and their new home,  his extreme loyalty to Mao and his…craziness.

I have never been a fan of normal anime, basically anime series revolving around normal people doing normal things; i might as well be watching a telenova; what this series does is inject a surprising tone of humor into these daily events of normal life, though the supernatural isn’t far off. There are those that wish to take advantage of the devil Sadao and the Hero Emilia’s absence from Ente isla, and in their search for power, would see them destroyed, lest they return to Ente Isla and undo all that has been done.

Watching these two work together, while trying not to work together can make for endless fun, especially on Emilia’s part, who simply can’t help but look for a hidden agenda behind each act of Mao’s hat4 kindness. I think it was a smart choice, putting Mao in such a mundane job such as a service person behind the counter of what is basically McDonald; it is simply a joy to watch him juggle normal tasks such as meeting customer’s needs and conversing with his co workers.

My favorite character so far though is most definitely Miki Shiba, their obese landlady who seems to know more than she says. I nearly died of laughter at this one episode where she sends them a post card from the beach that ‘brings them to their knees’. Lucifer has also proven to be an interesting addition to the group, specifically his clashes with Shiro. They are almost like two housewives who will not stop bickering about the chores and their loyalty to Mao.

MY RATING:> 5/5, i enjoyed this show immensely and i didn’t even realize it until much later when i took note of how much fun the series generated in me. This is a must watch for all otaku, the sort of anime that has something new to show to you with each new episode. Hataraku Mao_sama kind of reminds of Gintama, in that it is the sort of show i could watch dozens, if not hundreds of episodes of and never get bored.

This series is 13 episodes long, and has been adapted into two ongoing manga and a light novel. If you have not watched this, you should.