Wednesday, 25 March 2015


How can the chapter end like that? I mean, seriously. 

Considering last week’s fairly tame chapter, I expected this week’s chapter to rise several notches higher in terms of entertainment. 

But having the commandments jump into action so suddenly was unexpected; AND I WANT MORE.

Elation over the defeat of the Albion is short lived as Galan prepares for his assault against Camelot.

Then again, maybe I only found this chapter enticing because of last week’s lackluster King-oriented plot. That doesn’t make chapter 119 any less entertaining. But I can’t help but wonder if my excitement for the chapter isn’t being driven by my determination to thoroughly enjoy Nanatsu no Taizai every week.

I guess that answers things; my initial reaction upon watching Hendy and Dreyfus unleash the ten commandments was to presume that they had been essentially play-fighting during the finale of the previous arc.

This chapter more or less cements the fact that he was being controlled by Dreyfus in someway. I am not certain which is better: having Dreyfus control Hendy or the two working as partners?

I foresee a Griamore/Hendricksen clash, on account of what the son will believe Hendy to have done to his father.

The idea of Hendricksen joining the sins to save the kingdom is intriguing. Though I foresee his death in a Dreyfus-style sacrifice.

-The Ten Commandments
The battle is here, and I couldn’t be more excited. Galan looks like a decent first opponent; though I would have preferred that Hawk not reveal Galan’s stats or mention the fact that his power made Demon Hendy look like a puppy.

I want us to learn firsthand, along with the sins, just how powerful Galan is when he first engages with them. That being said, that power level is just ridiculous.

It is one thing for Hendricksen to almost exceed the Sin’s combined power. Galan surpasses the whole lot of them by a massive margin.

And this is inclusive of the mighty Merlin-who will finally get to fight.

Sufficing to say, the sins do not stand a chance. Not merely against Galan but the commandments as a whole. The same commandments whose abilities are essentially depleted, and yet Galan can somehow muster a power level of 26,000.
RATING: 7/10. This chapter was great. And hey, it seems Gowther is still in the game. I honestly didn’t notice the fact that Slader brought him along. Next week is going to be one hell of a party.

HIGHLIGHTS: Galan’s appearance.