Friday, 26 September 2014


Chapters like this allow me to appreciate the important role great art can play in accentuating a story. Reading through chapter 94 I couldn’t help but dream of just how much more awesome some of these scenes could have been had I been reading Noblesse.
That isn’t to say that this chapter was terrible or lacking in any way; rather chapter 94, while being highly entertaining, chose to utilize an approach with its panels that would have worked best with a less messy style of art.
Hendricksen reveals the power of his new form to the kingdom. The Holy knights regiment, new and old, stands to oppose him, accompanied by the Seven Deadly Sins.
Who knew Deadly sins could unleash so much carnage in such a short span of time? Because I didn’t. Hendricksen tore the Seven Deadly Sins and the knights a new one this week.
Chapter 94 was mostly battle oriented, a sensible approach considering what promises to be an information infused chapter next week. Following the clean, concise and somewhat strategic exchange of blows in the last two weeks, this week was Hendricksen simply presenting himself as the new threat to the kingdom.
Nothing new when it comes to shonen; before the final steps can be taken to save the world, the big bad villain always needs time to show his stuff and prove himself to be a threat worth fearing. That means tanking every gargantuan attack thrown his way and effortlessly schooling the heroes, which Hendricksen did with casual disinterest.
Entertaining stuff, especially the incorporation of different Holy Knights into the attack pattern; Nanatsu no Taizai almost always succeeds when reveling in its overpowered characters and their unique but overblown abilities.
The carnage; I am reminded of the old days of Bleach, specifically during the Karakura town arc, when Aizen first emerged. This here, what Hendricksen is doing, is what I expected Aizen to do upon his arrival, to dispatch of enemies left and right instead of playing games.
Chapter 94 chooses to get right to the point and the bodies keep piling up, many times in the most surprising manner. Carnage best serves its purpose when you do not see it coming, as happened with Ban last week, and the various named Holy knights this week.
The action elements were superb as far as keeping the fight with Hendricksen entertaining is concerned.
There is a scene that appears in a number of anime and manga; that moment where a girl sinks to her knees, weeping, crying about how sad she is for the many souls that are dying because of her, and how unwilling she is to allow such sacrifices to continue.
Seeing that scene play out with Elizabeth irritated me somewhat; I don’t want to say it was an unnecessary or repetitive and overused scene in anime and manga. I guess the panel only served to emphasize Elizabeth’s pointlessness to the series, a trait she hasn’t managed to break in 94 chapters.
Something about characters whining about how useless they are in a situation grates on my patience; even Lucy (Fairy Tail) managed to leave the damsel in distress mold behind. But not Elizabeth.
Then again if you consider Veronica’s ominous words, Elizabeth just might gain some importance to the story beyond simply acting as Meliodas’ driving force.
The art didn’t help the chapter; not that it was terrible. I would used the term Messy. And the panels were so inventive in creating the atmosphere of dread and despair, approaching many of the scenes from outside the action, allowing us to observe the chaos occur rather that put us in the driving scene.
The sort of stuff Noblesse does. Still, artistically Nanatsu no Taizai manages to rise above Magi.
RATING: 8/10, precluding the art this was a great chapter and I hope Deadly Sins maintains its dynamic approach to its panels.
HIGHLIGHTS: Holy knights Vs. Hendricksen. Hauser’s fate. I absolutely cannot wait for the anime. Maybe it can jog my memory. I cannot remember who Veronica is, the girl that appears in the last panel.