Monday, 1 February 2016


Young Gun Carnaval is a manga series written and illustrated by Makoto Fukami and Tow Fukino respectively. Following the lives of teenagers Kogure Jinpachi and Yumika Tetsuyoshi as members of Hybrid, an underground vigilante organization specializing in assassinations, I mistakenly chose to judge this manga by its cover.

I will admit that much. The title immediately drew my attention while the premise brought titles like Kick Ass and Wanted to mind. Sufficing to say, Young Gun Carnaval failed to meet my expectations.


Jinpachi Kogure is a member of his High School's manga club. He has trouble talking to women. Yumika Tetsuyoshi is a disturbed High School girl that's always skipping class. 
When these two are not in school, they are prowling the streets, looking for trouble as young masters of the art of killing: Young Guns.


Young Gun Carnaval isn't terrible. It is total and utter garbage. I can't even begin to describe just how dull this manga got. With a mere 24 chapters at their disposal, you would have expected Young Gun Carnaval to tell a simpler, leaner, more concise story. Direct and Straight to the Point.

But No! Instead the authors saw fit to waste entire pages of their chapters exploring the Yumika and Kogure's school experience. Where the manga actually tries to trim the fat and to tell a leaner, more compact story, it trims way too much fat, to the point where Young Gun Carnaval was condensing several chapters worth of material into the first few pages of the first two or three chapters.

To be honest, i didn't finish this manga. With a lot of groaning and head-scratching, i somehow made it through the first two of five volumes before calling its quits.

Yumiko and Kogure are very generic anti-heroes: quirky high school students by day, and deadly assassins with little sense of mercy or morality by night. I actually yawned through the chapters that explore their history. Every attempt the author made to strike at my heart-strings fell flat.

The violence felt mostly gratuitous, and the art felt like it could have been better. Tow Fukino deserves some praise here. He clearly makes an effort to bring the frenetic energy of fast-paced gun battles to the page.

However, a lot of his panels left me confused. A lot of the time, i couldn't tell who was shooting who and how. Basically, none of it worked.


Young Guns Carnaval could have been something more. Not great-plots like this are a dime a dozen today-but something more.

Calling Young Guns Carnaval Mediocre would be high praise indeed. This manga is down right boring. The story is all over the place. Plots arise out of nowhere and receive far more importance than they deserve, typically before we, the readers, have the time to internalize them.

The characters are shallow, and every attempt to add depth to them feels forced. Nothing about this manga works. It isn't worth reading. 

+RATING: 0/10