Wednesday, 4 March 2015


I am not so sure about the direction this business with King and Ban is going. The way the chapter ended, with a giant bearing down upon the Fairy King’s forest, waiting for either King or Ban to take action would have worked better if King actually needed to prove himself.

Are we really expected to get excited about watching King show off at Ban’s expense? Because the outcome is obvious. There is nothing in Ban’s arsenal that is going to allow him to actually impact next week’s fight, at least not without a sacred treasure.

More importantly, all of this would have only mattered if we were actually really interested in watching King find his lost confident, stand up to his naysayers and finally prove himself as the true Fairy King.

Unfortunately the mangaka seems to have forgotten that he actually already did this. The Hellbrum fight heavily explored King’s past.

We saw him fall to his lowest. Then he found his courage, realized that Chestiefol had chosen him once more as the true Fairy King and proceeded to kick Hellbrum’s Fairy Ass.

Meliodas unleashes the fury of Lost Vayne. King and Ban must protect the Forest against a menacing threat.

I am seriously finding it very difficult to believe that King cares that greatly about the fact that his Fairy subjects have rejected his kinghood. Considering the character growth he is supposed to have undergone during the final chapters of the last arc, I would have thought that he would be content with simply possessing the strength from Chestiefol to protect his friends and the forest.

Ban and King’s mini arc was fine when it was approached as little more than a fun ride, showcasing King’s child like persona. But, with the story seemingly heading to a place where King has to overshadow Ban to prove himself, I am not interested.

Ban is a very difficult character to read. Just how much of a hero is he? Because it seems like the majority of his life has been heavily intertwined with Elaine. We know he joined the sins mostly for fighting (and possibly because of Meliodas’ companionship).

Yet he was ready to kill Meliodas for Elaine’s sake. We know there is nothing saintly about his actions assisting in the rebirth of the Fairy King’s forest, just another step taken in Elain'e’s name.

What happens when his goals and intentions for Elaime fail to pan out? When she rejects him after returning, or he fails to revive her?

We might be in for another Obito scenario.

We all know that Obito didn’t lose himself to Madara’s dark side just because he loved Rin. He was obsessed with her, and the loss essentially broke his mind. 

Granted Ban isn’t a child; and he has greater mental fortitude. But again, it could be argued that the only thing keeping him on the right path is Elaine.

-Meliodas/Lost Vayne
I honestly expected so much more from Meliodas in this chapter.

Every time we have witnessed the advent of a sacred treasure, the results have proven to be catastrophic. Meliodas’ Lost Vayne felt a little tame.

Then again Diane’s first battle with Gideon was against the powerhouse that was Hellbrum, backed by Hendricksen and a whole host of Holy knights.

Maybe Meliodas requires a challenge of greater worth than a golem before we can see Lost Vayne truly perform. 
I think we can safely say that there is some sort of design in the attack pattern of these golems. First it was Camelot and now the Fairy King’s forest. While Meliodas suggested that they had been woken almost automatically by the appearance of the Commandments, there is probably a plan in motion.

+RATING: 5/10